Principled chiropractic is in a world all its own. Not only is it focused on proactive health care rather than reactive sick care, but it is also scientifically-founded, neurologically-based, and whole body-focused. Principled chiropractors in Gulfport utilize a holistic approach to combat disease, relieving pain, and establishing health in individuals. Rather than being reactive towards sickness and injuries, principled chiropractor Dr. Anthony Lopez at Clear Families Chiropractic helps individuals with preventative care by a whole-body approach that goes beyond just surface symptoms to address the root of any health concerns.

Here at Clear Families Chiropractic we recognize the self healing properties of the body, and the techniques we utilize as principled chiropractors allow the body to function at it’s highest level. Principled chiropractic is characterized by non-invasive practices, drug-free , and preventative, proactive healthcare. We don’t believe in covering up symptoms or simply treating the pain, but instead, we focus on the whole body and the source of any health issues, while working to promote long-term health and healing.

Why choose chiropractic care from Dr. Anthony Lopez at Clear Families Chiropractic in Gulfport

What is Principled Chiropractic

The goal of a principled chiropractor is to provide pure and specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine, with the intent of removing nerve interference and ultimately restoring the body to a level of higher function. It is an approach to health that focuses on achieving, maintaining, and preserving lifelong health and wellness that is accomplished through neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Regardless of the chiropractic technique utilized, a principled chiropractor believes in specific chiropractic care as the primary means of achieving optimal health. Regardless of whether or not you have a myriad of health issues, or you are a generally healthy person, principled chiropractic care at Clear Families Chiropractic can help you achieve optimal health.

How does the Model Work

The model of a principled chiropractor focuses on long-term health by addressing the root cause of people’s health concerns, which often is a subluxation (misalignment of the spinal bone or bones). Subluxations of the spine result in interference in the spinal cord and connected nerves, causing dysfunction across the body’s systems and functions. These spinal misalignments can lead to many different health problems, but Dr. Anthony Lopez at Clear Families Chiropractic specializes in detecting, analyzing, and correcting them, ultimately allowing the body to restore itself to it’s natural state of optimal healing and adaptability.

True chiropractic correction and long term relief at Clear Families Chiropractic in Gulfport

Why Choose a Principled Chiropractor

Principled chiropractors utilize proven and verified assessment methods of adjusting the spine to bring about optimal health. Here at Clear Families Chiropractic we prioritize you and your health, and we are committed to helping you find long-term relief and improving your overall wellness. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Anthony Lopez at Clear Families Chiropractic in Gulfport to learn more about how principled chiropractic can help you achieve your health goals.


We aim to address the root cause of your health concerns in order to provide you with long-lasting benefits into the future.

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